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EIQA Membership

Becoming a member of EIQA demonstrates a clear commitment to joining the Q Mark programme and the first step on your journey towards excellence.

There are 3 simple steps to get certified to Q Mark:

  1. Become a Member of EIQA

As a member you have direct access to the Q Mark standard and can start to prepare for certification.

  1. Select your standard

Choose the standard that’s right for your business. You’ll get a copy when you join as a member

  1. Prepare for assessment

This will mean reviewing and documenting your current systems, processes, and procedures to ensure they meet the standards set by EIQA. Identify any areas that may need improvement and make the necessary changes to align with the Q Mark certification requirements.

When you’re ready, EIQA will assign an auditor to assess your compliance with Q Mark standards. You’ll be given time to address any areas for improvement identified before certification is awarded.

Once your organisation successfully passes the audit you can display the Q Mark logo on your products and marketing materials, signalling to customers that you meet the highest standards of excellence.

The 3 Steps to Excellence

  1. Become a member of EIQA
  2. Select your standard
  3. Prepare for Assessment

Becoming a member of EIQA demonstrates a clear commitment to joining the Q Mark programme and the start of your journey towards Q Mark certification.

EIQA Membership provides you with:

Membership of an elite club of Irish organisations who are committed to the highest standards of excellence and quality

A high quality EIQA Membership Certificate which you can proudly display in your public offices, on your website and social channels

A free copy of the relevant technical Q Mark standard of interest to your organisation
10% discount on all training programmes run by EIQA

Access to all update and communications from EIQA relevant to the Q Mark certification programmes and EIQA developments

Free entry to business briefings run by EIQA on topics relevant to the Q Mark certification programmes

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