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Q Mark for Leisure Centres

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The Q Mark for Leisure Centres 

The Q Mark for Leisure Centres is a national quality standard for Quality Management and Operational Hygiene in Leisure facilities. The programme was designed specifically for the Irish leisure industry with the assistance of the Irish Hotels Federation and leading members of the leisure industry in Ireland.

The Q Mark for Leisure Centres Explained:

The Q Mark for Leisure Centres is based on four key elements, all of which are underpinned by continuous improvement.

The four key elements are:

1. Management and Commitment

Evidence of legal compliance, commitment to continuous improvement and pro-active approach to business planning.

2. Approach

This element of the Leisure Centre Standard covers all operational areas of the centre, with specific emphasis on the implementation of the organisation’s policies and procedures developed.

3. Performance and Review

Organisations that continue to perform well, financially and operationally, continuously review their own performance and that of their employees, contractors and suppliers by conducting a planned programme of audits and reviews.

4. Structure and Services

This element of The Q Mark for Leisure Centres Standard outlines the specific requirements for the structure of the facilities as well as the nature and type of facilities that are required for customers and employees.

Achieving the Q Mark for Leisure Centres Certification

The Q Mark for Leisure Centres is a continuous improvement programme. This means that 100% of a Leisure Centre’s processes, procedures and resources are assessed on an annual basis for compliance with the Q Mark for Leisure Centres certification criteria.

At the end of each annual audit, each Leisure Centre is given an extensive business report. By providing an extensive business report at the end of the annual audit, the Q Mark will identify further improvement opportunities for your centre and a basis for continuous improvement in the year ahead.
The report will also identify ways for the Leisure Centre to operate to the highest standard of operational hygiene and provide an excellent experience for customers.

During subsequent audits, all recommendations from previous reports will be assessed to ensure that every Leisure Centre continues to improve their standard of operation year on year.

A Leisure Centre must score a minimum of 30% in each of the 4 elements of the Q Mark for Leisure Centres certification criteria and a minimum of 40% overall to gain certification.

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