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Q Mark for Nursing Homes

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The Q Mark for Nursing Homes

The Q Mark for Nursing Homes is a national quality framework for the operation and management of a nursing home to the highest standards. It was developed with the assistance of the Irish Nursing Homes Organisation (INHO now known as Nursing Homes Ireland) and The Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare (ISQSH).

The Q Mark for Nursing Homes is available to every company operating in the residential nursing care sector (Single or Multi-site)

The Q Mark for Nursing Homes Explained:

The Q Mark for Nursing Homes is based on four principal elements, all of which are underpinned by continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement simply means that there is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.

The four principal elements are:

1. Organisational Commitment

Evidence of legal compliance, commitment to continuous improvement and pro-active approach to business planning.

2. Employee Engagement

All aspects of employment, including recruitment process, induction and training.

3. Support Systems

All internal processes that are used on a daily basis to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the nursing home.

4. Quality of Life

Commitment to ensuring quality principles are applied in all activities and issues that affect the day to day care of the residents.

Achieving The Q Mark for Nursing Homes Certification

The Q Mark for Nursing Homes is a continuous improvement programme. This means that 100% of a nursing home’s processes, procedures and resources are assessed every year by EIQA for continued compliance with the Q Mark for Nursing Homes Certification framework criteria.

At the end of the annual audit, each nursing home is given an extensive business report. This will identify current best practices as well as suggested areas for improvement and will provide the nursing home operator with the basis of a business plan for the year ahead. The report will also identify ways for the nursing home to operate to the highest standard of quality care and provide an excellent quality of life for residents.

During subsequent audits, all recommendations from previous reports will be assessed to ensure that every Nursing Home continues to improve their standard of operation year on year.

A nursing home must score a minimum of 30% in each of the 4 elements and a minimum of 40% overall to gain certification.

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