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EIQA offers training to help organisations understand the requirements of Q Mark certification.

EIQA Internal Auditor Training – Quality Management Systems

This course provides delegates with skills-based training that will enable them to perform internal audits on the company quality management system and report on its effective implementation and maintenance.

What does the programme cover?

Through a combination of theory, practical exercises and group discussions participants will gain a deep understanding of key concepts and best practices embedded in the Q Mark.
The training programme covers a wide range of topics including a detailed review of the Q Mark technical requirements for certification, how to get started and who to involve, how to apply the Q Mark, the certification process and driving ongoing improvement using the Q Mark tools.
Each session is tailored to address specific learning objectives and may include group discussions, case studies, and role-playing exercises to enhance the learning experience.

Who is the programme aimed at?

This course is designed for management and team members who have some knowledge of quality management systems and concepts i.e. the Plan-Do-Check-Act approach, the fundamental concepts of quality and the 7 Quality management principles. Participants should also have some exposure to the Q Mark for Quality Management Systems standard, and understand the requirements.

In preparation for the course participants will be sent a Pre-Course Refresher Quiz. The aim of this exercise is to refresh understanding and awareness of common terms and definitions used in Quality Management Systems and Quality Management System Standards before attending the course. This will also provide information to help the course tutor to pitch the course to requirements.

What will participants learn?

At the end the participants will have an understanding of –
• The responsibilities and role of an internal auditor in the maintenance and improvement of Management Systems
• Requirement of how to Plan and Prepare for an Audit
• How to gather objective evidence through observation, interview and sampling of the management system
• How to write factual reports that help improve the effectiveness of the management system
• How to suggest ways in which the effectiveness of corrective action might be verified
• Personal attributes, manner, attitude and sustainability as an auditor

What will participants receive on completion?

Participants will receive a certificate of competence, following successful completion of the two day programme and evaluation by the course tutor. Internal Auditor Training is certified by EIQA and required renewal after three years to maintain skills and qualification.

Duration: This course will be completed over 2 days and is designed to include:
• Training
• Experiential learning
• Assessment of the skill required of an Internal QMS Auditor
This programme can be run remotely or in person. Public programmes are run remotely on a secure platform.

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